Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Remember that Fountain Lady? (Cathy Cruz Marrero)

Behold, the enemy to all fountains.
Remember that Fountain Lady? (Cathy Cruz Marrero)
We've all seen the Fountain Lady video where a woman was texting while walking and she promptly fell right into the damn fountain in the mall. Here's the kicker, she is suing the mall. Uh, wasn't she the one that aimlessly strolled through the mall texting without looking up?
Are you really going to sue because you made an ass of yourself? I remember the Pizza Girl blamed everyone else for the actions she pulled in that pizza place. Plus, most of the Internet wouldn't have known her real name or image due to the fuzzy picture.
Is she going to sue the fountain or the water next?
Right now, because Cathy Cruz Marrero opened the door with this lawsuit, people are looking into her past. From sfgate, ((But it turns out that "Fountain Lady," also known as Cathy Cruz Marrero, faces legal charges herself - charges even more serious than assuming that pedestrians can avoid large structures on pathways.Marrero was charged in late 2009 with running up bills of more than $5,000 on a coworker's credit account at Target and Zales, according to ABC News. She was supposed to repay the money but never did, and will appear in court for sentencing in April.

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Yeah, worrying about your Internet fame is the least of your worries, lady.  

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