Monday, May 09, 2011

The Lonely Island: Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)

Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)
Okay, I have officially turned the tide on the Michael Bolton thing. I didn't really care for the guy at first, but this music video has sent me into the Bolton camp. I love their reaction to Bolton's Jack Sparrow hooks. That's what makes the song funny. They're rapping about going clubbing and Bolton wants to sing about Pirates.
Side note: Isn't that Robin Wright from Forrest Gump in a cameo? I do believe that is Robin Wright as Jenny again. I have to give her credit for showing up here.  


Anonymous said...

"This is the story of Tony Montana"!!HILARIOUS!! This is the best the island has put out. Cant wait to get burnt out on this one just as I did with I'm on a boat>

Semaj said...

It actually sounds like a good song on its own thanks to the production of the music too

Mayren said...

Not Robin Wright to my eyes at all.
In fact it's a cutie named Amalei Bruun and Not Ms. Wright.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Semaj said...

holy crap she looks just like Miss Wright in that clip. Wow, that's crazy how much she looks like her. Thanks for the info and the heads up

Mayren said...

i've totally been hooked to the hook since saturday too..

yay michael bolton for the catchy funny hehehe

Semaj said...

I did respond to your last two comments, Mayren, but it seems the Internet monsters ate them with the blogger outrage

Thanks for the heads up on the Robin Wright thing

mangrease said...

sry to burst your bubble bursting but snl's site credits robin write with the cameo.

Semaj said...

Thanks for the new info

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