Monday, May 07, 2018

Well, this didn't go well...

Well, this was a train wreck. It is hard to watch him stumble and mumble through Cuphead almost in the same manner as DSP. After two months of not doing a stream, Spoony came back for a stream and had a bit of a meltdown with the people in his chat over objectification of women and porn discussion. What makes this subject a poor thing to bring up is that Spoony's close friend JewWario was outed as a sexual predator and groomed young female fans for his conquests. Yet, he refuses to talk about the subject, yet he stands on this soapbox without addressing the elephant in the room.
Didn't people come to your stream for Cuphead?  
You can't mention the P5 stuff if you won't even mention the JewWario thing. This is sad. Naturally, the stream has comments and ratings disabled. What is interesting is that the video is unlisted on his YouTube channel. Side Note: He is back on twitter and talking about Trump again without making good content. And, the content we get is him ranting about P5. Stop tweeting about Trump and make some good videos, man.

At this point, his GF needs to make him seek some help.  

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