Friday, May 18, 2018

Childish Gambino : This is America

Childish Gambino : This is America
I have to say I really like this music video. It is interesting to see the way people are taking the video. I've seen liberals and conservatives have completely different takes on the song. Clearly, the video is critical of both sides of the political beliefs. It talks about the outside violence against the black community and the violence with the black on black crime.
This was what hip-hop/rap music was supposed to be. It sort of lost its way in the late 2000s with trap music and the aim at dance-pop music. Rap music is supposed to be critical of the outside influences just as much as the ones inside. We have lost that aspect thanks to BLM.
While I am not a fan of this style of rap music, which is trap, I have to say CG does a great job with it . He mixes this new style with the tribal music. It is very catchy indeed. However, it does convey some interesting lyrics throughout the song. This is something missing from new school rap and hip-hop music.
-Everyone one has one: I love that everyone has their own opinions on the song. Pro-black people are just saying it is a commentary on police violence while conservatives say it is a comment on black on black violence. they're both correct. It is commentary on all the negative aspects of the black experience. You just as likely to get shot by a black guy as a racist cop.
-I believe those are Civil War pant: This adds to the commentary of the song and video.
-Yes, that is a Jim Crow stance he takes when he shoots the guy: This is a load meaning for sure.
-The music video is mean: I like the sheer meanness and strange behavior of CG. I would have looked forward to his version of the Deadpool that was dropped by FOX.

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