Wednesday, May 09, 2018

The Murder Incident (Part 2) (A Ray of Doubt)

I wrote a blog post about the story, but here's some of the information on the murder case.  There isn't much left over from those stories about the murder case. Truth be told, Ray was an unstable man.  He seemed to be totally transfixed on starting things with his co-workers.
I honestly think Ray had an agenda.  He brought a gun to work every day.  He was looking for someone to pick a fight with and it was this guy.  I knew a few things about becoming unhinged, but to cause violent seems to be totally out of bound.  The fact he brought a gun to work, inside his car, is troubling to me. He was looking for trouble at the end of a gun, It was scary to know that he had this gun ready for something.
I find it strange but a pattern that the bullied become the bullies. From the old stories, Ray and this guy (LJ) had a major confrontation over a radio in a break room.  I think Ray purposely turned the radio up in order to get a reaction from someone.  He was fishing for a battle. From what I can tell, LJ turned down the radio and Ray got into it with LJ.  LJ brushed it off and went about his business.  It wasn't worth losing his job over an unstable a-hole looking for a fight. Ray had a problem with the confrontation and kept the anger close to him.
Ray wasn't going to let it go.
After the radio incident, LJ and his friends went to the local McDonald’s, which is near my home.  With the gun in his car, Ray followed LJ and his friends to McDonald’s.  In the parking lot, he confronted LJ and threatened him.  LJ just wanted to hang out with his co-workers after a hard day at work and he had to deal with the incident at hand.
Ray and LJ got into a physical fight.  LJ defended himself from this bully and beat up Ray.   Despite acting like an asshole and being a bully, Ray is a skinny guy an LJ was much bigger than him.  Feeling embarrassed, Ray went to his car, retrieved his gun and returned to LJ's location.  Without warning, he shot LJ in the chest killing him.  Ray retreated back to his car and left.   
Hours later, he turned himself into the police.  What was going through his head? He escalated the situation and couldn't handle the defeat. There were mugshots of him with a busted face, revealing that LJ beat him up pretty good.
So, I found out that the shooting happened literally 4-5 miles away from where I lived.  

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