Friday, May 18, 2018

Maddox Lost

Like the Bold Guy case, Maddox lost the lawsuit against his former co-workers. Back in my early days of blogging, I looked up to Maddox. Heck, I had similar rants and views. He was a blogger with a personality. Somewhere along the way, Maddox lost his way. He became self-conscious and became the very thing he mocked all those years ago.
Instead of taking an internet hissy fit to private messages, Maddox decided to sue his former co-workers from a podcast for 380 million dollars. Yes, the old Maddox would have made fun of this shit.
From the Dick Wiki, ((The Lolsuit (also known as The Biggest Lawsuit In The Universe) is a personal injury lawsuit that has quickly become a repository of all the hot goss surrounding the cancellation of The Biggest Problem In The Universe. Unable to stand being mocked on the internet, Maddox took the entirely rational step of suing DickAsteriosMadcucks, Patreon, a patreon customer service rep, and anyone else even remotely involved in the drama for 19 counts of $20,000,000, a total of $380,000,000 total asked for. ))
Carla from Twitter said it best with this Tweet, ((Let it be known that #MaddoxLost today. It was crazy to watch the descent of a satirist I once respected into the pathetic, litigious husk he is today. Congrats to @imwithdick and good luck to @asterios, hopefully Maddox ran out of money so he'll stop harassing you. ))
This is part of that whole thing about people becoming islands unto themselves via Twitter and other social media and not realizing the actions they are taking isn't right. 
Now, Maddox gets to see the hashtag Maddox Lost for the next few months. What is funny is that Mundane Matt has gotten a bit of blowback over this too.  So, yeah the lawsuit sort of blew up in his face after the backlash.  

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