Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Have noticed that nerds and geeks use RIPD instead of RIP when talking about people dying. Even I have to watch using it when I talk about the recently departed folks. I love that people use this term despite the fact it comes from a shitty movie called R.I.P.D. We Hate Movies uses this term to honor people that pass away instead of RIP. And, I started using it too. I then heard another podcast use it.
The term is based on a comic book and the movie stars Ryan Reynolds. (Reynolds has tried for years getting a comic book franchise going.)  I remember watching this movie and shaking my head on how bad it was.  And, it seems to be a direct ripoff of MIB. 
I guess this is that shitty movie's only lasting legacy. Even Jeff Bridges has distanced himself from the movie.

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