Wednesday, April 27, 2016

August Ames, damn girl

By the way, I love this Before They Were Famous Series with the Pornstars.
August Ames is one of my favorite new pornstars. While I am not a fan of her fake lips, I really think she has a stunning body.
I read that she is one-quarter black with some Polish background in her, so maybe the lips are real (Boobpida) She is like the new batch of newcomers that have amazing bodies. She is also known for doing a lot of interracial scenes. Also her boobs are very much real. Wow, and I am not a boob man, but damn. (She was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. They grow them nicely up there.)
There is another Pornstar that looks a lot like her, but I forgot her name. She also has a lot of interracial scenes under her belt. Play on, player.

unsolicited opinions about Pornstars!!!!!11111!!!!
Bonus (boner) video, Brandi Love...

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