Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Ghostbuster blues

I was scrolling through my YouTube feed and a video came up discussing a Cracked story defending the new Ghostbusters movie trailer. It was by the writer J.F. Sargent and I felt compelled to write some counter points to his his points. Overall, he is defending the new GB movie while throwing the older movie(s) under the bus. And, it just rubs me the wrong way. I am not sure how old Sargent is, but feels like the argument a young person that isn't a fan of the material and it is a bit troubling considering he's defending the remake, which wouldn't be around without the old material.

#4. "This Movie Is Pandering!": Yes, I am getting sick of hearing this too. However, I think it is part of a bigger problem. It looks like no one knew the direction the movie was heading and it became a train wreck. Like Fantastic Four, people are going to be talking about it faults or positives when it is released more than anything else. If the movie is a mess as most are indicating it will be, then all the feminist/racist junk will fall to the background as people will talk about the problems with humor and plot elements. I couldn't care more about the all female cast...just make it better than GB2. That's all I want out of it. It looks like they might fail that aspect of the story.
#3. "The Original Ghostbusters Is An Untouchable Classic With A Rich Mythology": Actually, for many people, it is. People still rewatch the first movie for its humor and charm. And, younger people fell in love with toys and merchdise. Oh, and let's not forget the 7 season running The Real Ghostbuster cartoon show. With great writing and scary concepts, the show has its on history and fanbase. The mythology of that show interweaves the two movies almost seamlessly into its own history. Then, they had a damn sequel to the cartoon show as well called the Extreme Ghostbusters. While not untouchable, I'd call that a rich franchise.
Oh, and you pissed me off with this comment. From Cracked, ((This is the same complaint people make about every comic book mythology, which reboots itself every, oh, three months or so, and every video game, even though video game stories are generally afterthoughts at best. ))
Video game stories are afterthoughts? People were up in arms when the last act of Mass Effect 3's story felt rushed and unfinished, plus coming out of nowhere. People were so passionate about the story line and characters to a video game that EA had to release an extended ending to ME3. Oh, and try getting through Xenogears or FFT without doing some research on the story. Like TV shows, video games thrive on telling rich and sometime confusing and deep stories. Sorry, I disagree.
#2. "Any Criticism Means That The Movie Will Flop!": Actually in some cases it can. I'd say it is 50/50. The prime example of critic bashing has hurt a movie is the Fantastic Four one. The word of mouth was so bad that even director distanced himself from the movie. Every critic and fan said the movie was unfinished and uneven and people stayed away. Yet, we also have movies that are critic proof too like say the Batman v Superman movie. Despite his cheekiness, I actually agree with Mr. Sargent on the fact we should be discussing and picking apart pop culture.
#1. "A Saliva-Streaked Explosion Of Incoherent Goober Malarkey!": Yeah, whatever. People are always going to be angry when their favorite franchises are being remade or rebooted. People hated the SW prequels. And, the current trend of remaking classics, in some people's minds, has had underwhelming results. Will anyone remember the remakes to Total Recall, Point Break or Robocop? Probably not. Studios seem to not understand what made the originals so loved. At this point, remakes haven't worked on classic movie from the 80s.
From Cracked, ((There hasn't been a new Ghostbusters movie in 27 years. How is anyone still so passionate about it as a franchise? ))
Because it is a classic in so many people's eyes. The whole point of classics is they do stand the test of time. People STILL love the Star Trek episodes after this long time despite the flaws. As I mentioned before, people take franchises under their wings. And, I guess you didn't do any research because there was a follow up videogame that most fans considered the third movie. Just because there is some distance between them and the release of the movie doesn't diminish how they feel about a franchise.
I love GB franchise, but I am willing to give this remake a try despite all the bad behind the scenes rumors about the movie.

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