Monday, April 25, 2016

Chyna RIP

Chyna RIP
Well, this one really didn't come as a surprise due to the fact she is notoriously known for having a substance abuse problem. It appears she mixed a bunch of drugs and overdosed due to it.
And, how do you go from being one of the biggest female wrestlers at the time to being a pornstar? Things started to backslide for her when Triple H cheated on her with the boss' daughter and she got fired from the WWE.
She never recovered. However, she did bring a lot of female fans to the WWE and that should be noted. She was supposed to show up on Intervention before her death. However, her other stint on an intervention type show really didn't help her. She probably needed to stay away from reality tv period and seek help.
While I wasn't a fan of her countless plastic upgrades and boob jobs, she did have an impact on female wrestling, especially in the Attitude Era when women were pretty much just sexual props. I never found her sexy or anything, yes even when she became a pornstar, but I liked how she built herself up and her screen presence. Sure she had her flaws, some of them major, but she is a part of that WWE history I fondly remember. 
This has been another shitty year for deaths.  

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