Friday, April 29, 2016

Cops and Bathrooms

I'm not bleeding heart liberal, but I do take certain things to heart such as marriage equity and trans and gay rights (having three types is bathrooms is fine). This is silly what you're about to watch.
Uh, sorry, despite the manly voice and clothing, that is clearly a woman. I'm sure once they pat her down, they realized dude was a woman. I hate these stupid anti-trans-gay laws. When you frighten ignorant religious people, These are the things that make it dangerous to be trans-gay person.
You better believe someone from the line snitched.
Here's the kicker though. Snopes claims this video came out back in December of last year well before the bathroom law was passed. So, keep that in mind. I however don't want our cops to be police the bathrooms keep people from taking shits in the wrong rooms. It is a waste of man-power (people-power?). 
If you're gay/straight or trans I don't care.  You don't have to remind me, but I really don't want these religious types clamping down on them due to their crazy beliefs either.   What happened to just letting people just be?

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