Thursday, April 21, 2016

Shaq is your guide...on Waze

Shaq is your guide
Yep, I used Morgan Freeman on Waze. However, now there is another famous voice doing navigation VO work. Shaq is now a navigation voice on Waze. And, he's very funny when he starts the journey.
I wanted him to say some random Kazzaam quotes and a few Shaq-fu references. However, we didn't get this. However, he will bark out orders to you like he's Steel. 
 He does say “BBQ chicken alert” when the trip ends. I guess that is a thing with Shaq on ESPN and other things. Yes, Shaq has created his own meme. Plus, he will tell you hes tired of talking and shut him off at the end of the ride.
I laugh every time he says that. Plus, he tells you not to have a Shaq-accident. Unlike the Morgan Freeman, he says more things during the ride. Plus, he will say something different when he starts the trip. I heard him say something different four or five times.
Yeah, download Shaq and listen to him bark at you. It is pretty funny.

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