Monday, April 18, 2016

Random Things (Winter is leaving)

Random Things
 ~Game of Thrones re-watch: I've been watching the show again from the first season to third, so far. And, it really does hold up. It is clear there are certain storylines set up, but not paid off. But, most of them have been paid off. A lot of people call this show The Wire of fantasy. Characters are in different places and worlds, but will crossover with each other at some point in time. I really like this about the show. Plus, the White Walkers are always lurking throughout the series and I love how they keep building to them over the seasons. 

~Batman v. Superman: Nope, I probably won't see this movie in the theater. I've heard so many bad things about the movie. Being a huge DC fan, I can't sit through a 2-plus hour movie with the wrong direction of the DC universe. And, I hate hearing about Batman killing people in the movie. That is a total disregard for the character of Batman. Batman killed people in the 89 and Returns movies and that really bothered me. DC is really screwing up the way they're making these movies. Zack Snyder shouldn't be the person they rely on for their universe. I am thrilled to see where they take Wonder Woman though.

~Arrow: Damn it, they killed off a pretty famous character. Spoilers: Black Canary was killed by the main bad guy this year. An arrow in the chest. It was pretty brutal. Other than Wonder Woman and Power Girl, Black Canary is one of my favorite superhero characters. Katie Cassidy played BC really well and she will be missed, plus it helps that she is very attractive to boot. Don't worry, Earth-2's version of Black Canary will show up on Flash in an upcoming episode. DC TV is just kicking so much ass.
~Castle cast shakeup (out for Stana Katic): I guess one of the main stars on the show is being asked to step down due to production costs. Here's the thing; shows get more expensive the longer they're on the air. Everyone gets raises the longer the show is on the air. The show has been on the aire for eight seasons and that's a long time. I didn't even know that. Here's where the problem arises...Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) is part of the main premise and plot of the show. That's like pulling the wormhole out of the premise of DS9. The show won't last another season after that.

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