Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ride-Share rider mistreats driver

Ride-Share rider mistreats driver
Yeah, it is a very bad rant from the rich guy. Why would you attack someone for giving you a ride? You're using the Uber service and you belittle the driver. Real smart.
From Independent, ((He told college news network The Tab that he had picked up Mr Croman before and the trips had gone badly, so he refused to pick him up again.  ))
Look, I had a guy cuss me out over the phone because he put in the wrong location. I told him he could cancel the ride or wait for me to pick him up. He decided to cuss me out and then cancel. I had some down right truly rude people in my car. However, here's the thing; if you have a horrible ride with a rider, you can give him a one-star and you won't have to pick up that person again. The way the driver handled the situation was slightly wrong. 
The press has really been looking into this guy's past.  This guy's father isn't a good person and is under investigation.  Plus, the school and his frat are looking into this incident too. Check out the reviews on yelp pre-2016.   It should be noted that there are claims that the driver might not be a good person either allegedly.  
Great, we are now in an era where the guy making an ass of himself is filming himself being filmed.  It makes no sense.
Side Note: I also had a guy try to steal a ride from someone else. He got into my car and refused to get out of it. He flat out refused. He kept saying, “Just go! They're not showing up. Just go!” I almost had to call the police on him.
After a minute of staring at me and me not responding to him, he got out of the car and got into another waiting ride-share car behind me. That driver kicked him out and he opened the door to my car. “Can I go now?” Nope.
Feeling defeated, he got into a cab. This has happened before where random people will try to steal ride-share rides from paying people.

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