Monday, March 21, 2016

Guy Steals PS4 and gets caught because of it

Guy Steals PS4 and gets caught because of it
Anyone that knows me knows that I hate people that steal people's shit. I love when these asshole get caught because they don't understand technology. I wish I had a tracker on my bike before it got stolen. 
Real thugs play Madden on someone else's ps4, bro. 

From, ((After a few days, the victim’s phone alerted his PS4 had been turned on and showed it was still connected to his own WiFi. Knowing the console had to be close to be hooked up, the victim called police and stated he believed his neighbor across the hall was responsible for the theft.))
The best part is this lunkhead stole everything and kept the PS4 and started playing games for it and then connected to the person who owned it own wifi. So the cops tracked Phillip back to his own crib and arrested him. This is not the smartest criminal. I love this type of justice.
I'm sure he is not going to be bagging about this in jail anytime soon, because he let a damn console catch his ass.

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