Thursday, March 17, 2016

More with the Ghostbusters reboot

More with the Ghostbusters reboot
Man, what is going on behind the scenes with Sony? (It might be time for some of the PS4 guys to take over Sony Studios, because they're doing better than the rest of the company.)  I would have made the movie a sequel/restart. 
The original plot plans sound okay. I sort of like everything but the huge dance number planned. (It looks like that was the only thing to survive to the final script.) Now, Paul Feig's idea about the government is a bit strange and a bit too much of the Iron Man 1 subplot to it. Remember that happened in IM1. However, the alien ghost and the ring leader idea might have worked. It would have been a darker movie more like the cartoon series.
It is interesting that only Leslie Jones and Fieg seem to be defending the movie before its release. And they have been very vocal about it. Why haven't Melissa McCarthy and Wig spoken up? 
Yep, they also got back most of the old cast to show up in cameos.  That is an amazing feat considering this is a reboot/remake.  


MC said...

I just read today that the all-male reboot of the movie has officially been cancelled. I don't know if that means Sony has faith in this movie or that it is trying to minimize the damages to the brand.

The story that I'm interested in is the fact that apparently Melissa McCarthy was supposed to play the Leslie Jones role.

Semaj said...

I think it means they know this might be a dud. The marketing has been very restrained and we know that Sony usually pulls out all stops when it comes to their bigger movies. When they stop with the franchise plans, it is not a good sign. (Whereas Disney is expanding their SW stuff, Sony is playing it close to the vest)

Yes, this is not good news. It kind of reminds me of when Fox very quietly deleted FF2 off their list of movies coming up.

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