Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Ghostbusters troubles?

Ghostbusters troubles?
It looks like I am the only one that liked the GB remake trailer. Everyone from progressives and regular fans of the original hate this trailer. I loved the first movie and liked what I saw in the new trailer. 
Now, it looks like the movie is doomed for failure due to the rumors of a troubled production. The 4Chan leaked rumors are usually true, just look at the FF rumors. We might be seeing the studio now throwing its full support behind this movie.
Melissa McCarthy is not happy: I guess she didn't get along with one of her co-stars. I am guessing it was Kate McKinnon. And, I feel bad for her because she was a huge fan of the cartoon show. And, she pushed for the movie to be more like the show.
It also looks like they're not allowed to talk about how bad the movie turned out due to what happened on FF with Fox. I am guessing that Sony is really worried about the movie now with the poor reactions from everyone on their trailer. Plus, I think the movie is locked now, so no reshoots.
I am now worried for this movie. I wanted to see if they could make another good Ghostbusters movie
All these bad rumors could be baseless and false. Like the Midnight's Edge guy said, it seems odd that now they're making the media push for the movie. This should have been happening a few months earlier. We will see once the movie is released.

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