Thursday, March 10, 2016

These new Subway ads

These new Subway ads
I keep seeing these new Subway ads and I have a thought. They're saying. Please forget about our old ads with Jared. Please, please please. I am sure there was a special meeting. It really is their fault they picked one of the worst people in the world to be the face of their company.
Whereas Bill Cosby's connections to Coke and Jello has some distance, Jared is still fresh with the company (pun intended). I got to say they're trying to rebuild their image.
That makes this ad unfortunate.


MC said...

Honestly, I think raising their prices from the catchy five dollar footlong to six dollars is going to hurt them more.

Semaj said...

Honestly I have only been to subway twice in my life. I can't believe they raised their prices. They're five dollar bit was very catchy. six dollar foot long isn't as catchy

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