Saturday, March 19, 2016

Gawker loses Lawsuit to Hulk Hogan: 115 Million, brother

Gawker loses Lawsuit to Hulk Hogan
From NY Times, ((The retired wrestler Hulk Hogan was awarded $115 million in damages on Friday by a Florida jury in an invasion of privacy case against over its publication of a sex tape  ))
I really didn't see that coming. And, that is a large sum of cash.
I hate Hulk Hogan now and I hate the reality show and his family. Everything about him is shady and dumb, and I used to look up to him as a hero growing up. Heck, I loved that he became a member of NWO. As his flaws came to the surface, it was clear he was a petty man that was a little too in love with himself. However, what Gawker did was wrong. It is one thing for some troll on 4Chan to release a sex tape of a famous person, but it is another thing altogether when a noted member of the press does it gleefully with ads.
I guess the site might have to scale back its crew a bit. It will hurt the company, but it won't kill it I don't think. So, we'll be seeing  Nick Denton still.

I'm all for seeing sex tapes, but not Hulk Hogan's.
I honestly didn't think Hulk would win.  
Now, can we sue Hogan to stop selling shitty products such as his energy drink and his grill that sets fire to people's homes?

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