Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Enterprise D Virtual Tour

Enterprise D Virtual Tour
I loved this little tour using Unreal Engine. It looks amazing.
-Main Shuttlebay: Did we ever see the main shuttlebay on the show? I remember using the two lower bays a lot. Probably because it was cheaper. Here, we get to see what the shuttlebay would look like. They simply didn't have the money for a set that big.
-Runabout on the Enterprise D: This is a season seven set due to the runabout stationed in the bay. That was a nice touch because we know that they had them at this point in the series on the Enterprise.
-The corridor between the conference room and the bridge is different: For years we only got glimpses of it. It was just a plain yellow walkway, which I always found amusing. This person filled it up with gold versions of the ships of Enterprise. It is a nice touch. Side note: this is the updated conference room that was shown in season 7. I heard rumors this was done because the Star Trek 6 people did some damage to the set when they filmed their scenes with the redress. I am not sure about that one. 

-The Bathroom (the head): Yes, this was always joked about in fandom. But, there was ONE (or two) bathrooms on the bridge. This VR tour got it correct. They even used the STV style toilet to boot. Given that toilets haven't really changed designs that much for a hundred years in real life, I see this as being okay. Also, check out the three seashells as toilet paper. That is a nice reference to Demolition Man. It should also be noted this is a gender neutral bathroom. This was done back in the 80s before this became an issue today. Good to see people are okay with taking a shit with another gender using the restrooms. Take that Robocop and Starship Troopers. 

Now, there is another bathroom in Picard's ready room. 

Riker: “Uh Captain, can I pee in your bathroom? Worf is taking a massive shit in the main head.”
Picard: “Make it so, Number One. Literally.”
Riker:  "I think Worf is creating his own Mass Effect fields around the bowl."
Picard:  "Wrong franchise, Number One." 

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