Thursday, May 26, 2016

H3H3 being sues by Bold Guy (Hoss)

H3H3 being sues by Bold Guy (Hoss)
yeah, this is serious business. I am a huge fan of H3H3, and I was in total shock when this came across my video feed. This has gone too far. H3H3 did a side video making fun of the dude-bro Matt Hoss (Bold Guy).
They made fun of his Bold Guy character and he got butt-hurt and sued them. Really? And, I love that it was over his shitty YouTube channel.
For the lulz, here is a video explaining the concept of the Bold Guy.
I guess this guy doesn't understand the the hornets' net he kicked and pissed off the internet.
After watching Hoss' videos, I tried watching at least seven or eight, he is clearly full of himself. He didn't like what he saw from H3H3 and is taking this to court. Look, the vids are bad, but in a The Room sort of way. Plus, Hoss' videos all feel like something out of 2005 (iFilm era). 
I will be donating, once I figure out how, to the cause that has been set up
1 Don't harass Hoss. But, make sure you explain to him why this is wrong, in the nicest way possible: Though, I doubt he's understand.
2 If you are subscribed, then unsubscribe: Yet, I think his audience is more of the GUY/DUDE/Bro types that don't know about the larger issues of copyright and other issues plaguing YouTube.
His latest video has 40 thousand dislikes. God bless you, Internet. Plus, many of his other videos are sliding into the 4-10k range of dislikes. You better believe there will be more to come. And, he might want to disable his comments too.
Make sure to head over to the legal support page to help H3H3 with their legal funds. Right now, the Go Fund Me amount is at 115k (of 100k) when I saw it last night it was in the early 90s. This was raised in one day. Damn, Internet.
Here is the deleted video that gotH3H3 in trouble.
H3H3's reaction video is rather tame.

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