Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Some Rad Chrono Cover songs

I found this guyon YouTube and he's a kickass musician. He does all the instrument and edits them together. A lot of people do this on YT, but this guy is really good. His name is Poop Poop Fart and that is the best name ever. I wish I came up that name.
Check out his cover of Chrono Trigger's Corridors of Times. This was the first video I saw from this guy and I was amazed how well constructed the cover was.
He does a lot of covers of anime songs too, but I am more fascinated by his video game covers. This makes me wish I had stayed in music because today I would have probably been a YT music guy. Oh well.. BTW, his profile picture for his YT site is clearly a reference to Michael Jackson's Thriller album cover. 

Anyway, here are a few more of my favorite Poop Poop Fart cover tracks. Enjoy.

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