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Captain America Civil War (Part 2 of 3)

Captain America Civil War (Part 2 of 3)

Let's start out with the fun bits, Marvel really does Spider-Man brilliantly and spot on. Unlike the last two Spider-Man versions, this one is the best by far. It is fitting that it is Marvel's casting and working with Sony that got us a spot on Spider-Man. He is clearly the Spider-Man from the 80s comic book and 90s cartoon series with some elements from the Ultimate version as well.
I also like that Marvel didn't dwell on the origin story again just like the Amazing Spider-Man reboot did. We see Spider-Man already being a superhero and just now starting to get his suit right. And, his suit is closer to suit we've come to love and his eyes move around in the mask...thanks to Stark.
Tom Holland is a cool kid and carries the Peter Parker attitude perfectly. He's full ofpop culture references sort of like Stark. Plus, Spidy loves being in the civil war fight because he gets tot see all of the heroes he looked up to including Cap. His flight among all the heroes is one of the best things to watch in the film. Garfield was good, but Holland is better. Plus, he has a New York accent to boot. Every time he is on screen I smile.
By the way, Aunt May is hot and being played by Marisa Tomei. How does someone get hotter when they get older? Damn, Marisa Tomei. I like they're not doing the gray-haired Aunt May. Plus, she might have a thing with Mr. Stark. Great casting and making her a GiLF. And, we really don't have another origin story thankfully.
I can't wait to see the follow up Sony Spider-Man movie (with Tony Stark). I've never been this pumped with Spider-Man since the trailer for Spider-Man 2. Spider-Man is so charming as this young boy that you'll fall in love with this character. DC, take note.
Black Panther 
 Damn, they really brought it with this introduction. You can clearly tell he looks up father and we only get a few minute between the two. It was clever that we get to see the new hero born in this movie instead of his own movie.
I love his costume design and it looks practical in the more-grounded world of Cap's movies. Also, notice that he makes little to no sound when he runs around in that chase scene.
Chadwick Boseman is third or fourth lead in this movie. Boseman is great as the Black Panther and he moves like a ninja and I can't wait to see his standalone movie. Damn, he's a good character and has a full arc in the story. Plus, his character is important in the plot and not shoehorned in for diversity reasons. With the larger world being concerned with superheroes, it makes since to my a diverse group of heroes. You have to add character that make sense to the story and have an impact to the narrative. Panther fits that, plus, he is a strong black character.
Boseman carries himself with such strength that it makes sense that he holds his own against Tony and Steve Rogers. What a cool character. Yes, it is important to see strong minorities in movies, let's just make sure they're important to the overall story.
T'Challa / Black Panther is directly taken from the updated version of Panther from the main comic book universe, except they can't use the X-Men stuff involved with his character. He was in a relationship with Storm in the comic books.
Like Spider-Man, Marvel knows where they're taking this character, and it shows. Again, I can't wait to see his standalone movie.
 Was his suit updated for this movie?
Okay, he's the comic relief, but he's very funny. When the movie deals with some heavy issues, you need a character that is sort of thrust into the major conflict. Like Spider-Man, he is rather new to this superhero business. I love how they make his feel out of place because he doesn't view himself as being on any team. He is literally kidnapped and thrown into team Cap. He simply goes along with it and being a little lost in why he's there.
Paul Rudd is funny as always basically playing Paul Rudd. The mixture between Spider-Man and Ant-Man really make this a clever and funny fight scene.
Spoiler alert: Ant-Man becomes Giant-Man. It is a real treat to see. The special effects for this scene are amazing. I had a huge smile on my face when Ant-Man got bigger. And, I love how team Iron Man takes down Giant-Man. It will be interesting to see where they take the character after this.

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