Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Fiona Apple needs to eat?: I think Fiona has the prettiest eyes in the world, but I always thought she was a bit too skinny. Lately, she's been looking really skinny.  Well, she was at a concert and someone heckled her between songs, basically telling her to eat something. She broke down and told him to get out. She then couldn't get through another song afterward. She's been know to go crazy at show.
~Donald Glover makes some strange letters on the Internet: Welcome to depression, Donald. I fear the same the issues constantly, and it is a bitch. I personally don't have to success that he has, I have had no success, but I find it strange he has these fears when he's successful. Glover is a very funny guy.  But, keep it together.  
~GTA 5 Trevor: Everyone loves this character, but he is a very dark and does some really bad things. He kills people in a fit of rage. At one point, he slaughters two people in a shocking manner that me give a second look. He's a complex character, but he's a cold blooded killer.  I can't believe how well written he is. 
~Danny MCBride in GTA 5: I was shocked to hear his voice in the game's radio. He plays a radio host that pretty much is a version of Eastbound & Down.

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