Monday, October 07, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
~Luther Third Season: I just finished the third season of Luther. It wasn't hard because it was made up of four episodes. I really love this show. It is basically a meaner version of Sherlock. Idris Elba is freaking great as always. From what I can gather, there will be a movie in the future. By the way, his anti-hero female friend is also a nice touch.
~Chris Brown lost his virginity at age 8. Well, that kind explains why he's a little vicious toward women. He claims that porn and the 15 year old that popped his cherry made him the sexual beast that he is today. Yes, Brown, you're the gift to all women everywhere. Let's look at that photo of your former girlfriend again. Reading the key-points, Brown really doesn't have a grasp on reality. With a few exceptions, most of his music ranges from bland to down right bad. What about you quitting the music business?
~Hell on Wheels: Despite changing show-runners, this show has improve this season. AMC also changed the weekly schedule to the very bad Saturday night, but the show still lived on. I am hoping this show continues for at least one more season, but AMC hasn't renewed it yet. Sure, it doesn't make Walking Dead numbers, but it is still good TV. They really take on the Mormons this season. They aren't seen in a good light.

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