Tuesday, October 08, 2013

After Earth: Honest Trailer

After Earth: Honest Trailer
Okay, this one might be the best one ever. Really, you centered a major motion picture on Jaden Smith? I would have loved to have heard a Scientology bash against this movie in the honest trailer. I still can't get over the fact the studio went out of its way to not mention M. Night Shyamalan in most of its promotional material.  I mean they did it aggressively. 
A writer over at Forbes begs a differ. He claims Sony made a mistake distancing itself from M. Knight. I disagree. After the stink that was The Last Airbender, I think even Joe-Six-Pack can't ignore the M Knight's poor choices. Why did they let him buy the rights to franchise in movie form?  Did they not see The Happening?  
For me, it was that “twist ending” in Signs that ruined M Knight. Water...really? Water is their weakness? They go to a planet made up of water. Humans are made up of water, so why are they kidnapping us? Did M Knight pull this twist out of his ass?
 Dianetics?  I can't see the connection to...wait.  I see it now. 

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