Sunday, October 06, 2013

Tom Clancy: RIP

Tom Clancy: RIP
From USA Today, ((Tom Clancy, the best-selling author of dozens of thrillers, including a famed series starring Jack Ryan, died Tuesday in Baltimore, his publisher, Putnam, has confirmed. He was 66. ))
I was a little shocked to hear that novelist Tom Clancy died last week.  66 is a good run but a bit young.  
While I never read his books, I loved his movies based on his Jack Ryan character. Hunt for Red October is one of my favorite spy movies out there. Mainly, it is because Ryan is the un-Bond character in the movies. Heck, I think Ford did a good job with the follow up movies.
Clancy started out with the boring job of selling insurance and went into writing books, which turned into movies and video games. 53 books isn't something to scoff at. I couldn't even finish writing ONE book without being fed up and throwing it away.
RIP Clancy.
Now, this is a bit confusing about the movies. The new movie, coming out later this year, will be another reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise. Ben Affleck starred in the first reboot, which led to nothing. Now, Chris Pine is taking over. Will this lead to other films?

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