Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Aaron Schock: What a dandy and trendy guy..

Aaron Schock: What a dandy and trendy guy...
I've never understood why in the closet GOP people actively vote against their on demo time and time again. He keeps denying that he's gay. However, some of those shots of his clothing style are bit too “fabulous”. He reminds me of a certain famous “space church” actor that sues and keeps denying that he's gay as well. On one hand, he tries too hard to look and act straight.  On the other, he fails every time. 
While I don't like the forceful outing groups out there, this Schock guy probably needs to be outed because of his voting record against gay rights. Wearing a light blue belt and too many tight pants isn't enough points to cast him as gay though. I am not completely sold.
Perhaps, he's just a dandy straight fellow.  And, he likes gay areas of town because he's into the dance music and the scene...okay maybe not. 
 Perhaps he is just a hipster.

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