Friday, January 17, 2014

Random things

Random things
 ~Hit and Run Leaf Pile: You read that right. A 19 year old girl was driving a SUV ended up driving through a pile of leaves when she ran over two young girls who were hiding inside. She actually heard a thump, but thought nothing of it. The problem was she didn't come forward after learning of the accident that caused her to be found guilty. After the accident, the 19 year went to Wal-Mart and got ice cream. Her boyfriend even took the SUV to the car wash. Yes, that's extremely low, I wouldn't be able to do anything let alone conceal evidence or go out for ice cream.That's pretty heartless. 
By the way, what are you doing driving a suv through someone's piled up leaves?  
~Three-Wheel Car AKA Elio Motors New Car: I call it a tricycle and ugly. And, you better believe that hundreds of hipsters will start buying this car. It is a fuel economy type car, and that's a good thing. However, too many annoying people will make this car a symbol of their douche baggage. The car looks like something out of Demolition Man. The future has shown up at our doorstep. 

 The one from the movie. 

~History of Game of Thrones: I've been watching these videos of the history of the GOT series. They are voiced by the actors that play the characters on the show. It is even written in the point of view of the characters. Check them out


MC said...

After watching Top Gear for years, I've learned there is a long history of 3 wheel cars.

And apparently that all suck.

Semaj said...

Yeah, I can see that. I guess they've trying to make tri cars for years. I wouldn't to drive one around some larger cars or in ice or snow.

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