Monday, January 13, 2014

Armond White gets kicked out of that Critics group

Armond White gets kicked out of that Critics group
 From The Hollywood Reporter, ((Armond White, the film critic for CityArts who allegedly heckled director Steve McQueen, has been expelled from the New York Film Critics Circle, the organization confirmed Monday. ))
He received what he deserved. White, for his part, claims that he was just talking among his entourage at the table and not heckling the director. That maybe so, but I am sure he wanted everyone to hear his conversation with his peeps.
Oh, and he's also blamed us bloggers for spreading the lies. Thank you, Armond. For my part, I will let you listen to Armond's side of the incident at Slash
As I wrote before, I am all for shitting on someone's work if they deserve it, but at least let them have their time during an award speech. 
By the way, you can clearly hear the heckle on the update on slash film's post.

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