Monday, January 06, 2014

Cabin Boy (re-watch)

Cabin Boy
I just re-watched this strange little comedy movie. When I first watched it by in the day, I hated the movie and found it rather lame. Now that I am older, I actually get what the movie was going for. And, I learned that this was supposed to be a Tim Burton movie, so the humor and look makes sense today. The mixture between the dark humor and sight gags makes it feel more like a Burton film.
It actually reminds me of Pee Wee's Big Adventure with the strange and outlandish scenes and I watched Big Adventure recently too. Big Adventure fits right in with Cabin Boy. I know a lot of people still shit on this movie, but I found it rather funny today.  And, I REALLY hated this movie back then.
This is one of those movies that's improved with age.
-Floating-Talking Cupcake: This is one of those Tim Burton things that fits right in with Big Adventure. I laugh every time I see its twisted angry face and the spitting tobacco.
-Chris Elliot isn't that bad: He's in almost every scene, but he's tolerable. He becomes a better character later in the movie once he sheds his “pretty boy” wig. I do like that his character indirectly kills the original cabin boy early in the movie.
-Melora Walters in a swimsuit: She spends half her scenes in a swimsuit and that's not something to complain about. I also like that she seems to be from a different era from the rest of the characters, but no one really notices that. By the way, she has aged extremely well, wow.
-The fishermen crew is full of character actors: Brion James Brian Doyle-Murray James Gammon are the crew members you will recognize in other movies.  They're all great too.  
-David Letterman cameo: I really never found it that funny. He's the reason the adventure happens, but I don't really see the humor that everyone else says about him cameo.
-Shark Man aka Chocki: Okay, I am down.
-Ricki Lake, that annoying talk show host, was the figurehead in the front of the ship: I looked it up, because I didn't recognize her in the heavy wooden makeup.

-The giant played by Mike Starr: He's a salesman that works with other mythical creatures. Seeing him in a suit and a pocket protector makes me laugh every time. He's the one that gets killed by the dumb and dumber guys early in that movie.  Why is his six armed wife so tiny?  How do they "do it"?  Answer...carefully. 
He dresses like a dandy boy, but this style of clothing doesn't match up the modern Hawaii and that's part of the joke.

 Ricki Lake, everyone.  
I'd give it a whirl. 
 Chris:  "One day there will be a 4th network and that network will cancel a show created by one of my ancestors." 

Chris:  David, I saw a big-chinned raven haired fellow heading this way asking about your job.  And, his breath reeked of Doritos and no talent. 
See, I told you Jay Leno was in this movie...

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