Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Armond White, you are one of the biggest D-bags and trolls ever.

Armond White, you are one of the biggest D-bags and trolls ever.
You've outdone yourself now.
From Huffington Post, ((During McQueen's speech, however, the heckling started. White, who slammed "12 Years A Slave" as "torture porn" in his negative review of the film for CityArts, apparently yelled that McQueen was "an embarrassing doorman and garbage man." He also added, "F--k you. Kiss my ass." ))
Is this man trying to piss off the entire world? Uh, let the director have his day at the award show. You don't have to take the spotlight away from him, asshole. This is not the Source or MTV Awards, Armond. You don't jeer someone during the speech even if you hate the movie.  It just shows you to be "low" class by behaving in this manner...like Paris or Lohan. 
Armond is a contrarian in the grandest sense of the word. He makes headlines for liking shitty movies like Jonah Hex and hating movies that Pixar produces.
I hate Freddy Got Fingered. That doesn't mean I am going to heckle Tom Green at an awards show. So, what I am saying is “You made your statement in a review, now let the man speak. STFU.”
People really need to call this Armond out for acting like a 15 year-attention-getting girl.

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