Thursday, January 02, 2014

Shia LaBeouf...L'F'ed up

Shia LaBeouf may actually be the biggest D-bag ever...

Remember when Shia was the shit? 
Shia made a short film, but ended up taking scripted elements from Daniel Clowes comic book Justin M. Damiano.
From, ((“His apology is a non-apology, absolving himself of the fact that he actively misled, at best, and lied, at worst, about the genesis of the film,” Reynolds wrote to BuzzFeed in an email on Tuesday. ))
Thems fighting words.
Shia has somehow turned from being a nerdy kid into a complete and total douche bag.
-There's the whole banging Megan Fox thing and bragging about it. Uh, wasn't she in a relationship at the time?
-Numerous arrests for strange actions. Like refusing to leave a Walgreens store. People WANT to leave Walgreens as soon as possible, Shia. They don't want to stay.
-Then there was that whole feud with Alec Baldwin and that made him look like a complete and total a-hole. 
Now, Shia has apologized via skywriting.  I am not making this up
I guess that's one way to apologize. 

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