Monday, May 18, 2009

Random Thoughts

This is for Bio-dome.

Random Thoughts

~Keith Olbermann is 100% about this Carrie Prejean stuff. I don't know why she keeps talking about it. I don't agree with her stance, but she was asked for her opinion. BTW, Carrie is a bit fake with all the makeup and boob job. Why do women feel the need to get breast implants.

~Here's another reaction to Steven Seagal's famous Energy Drink. It's priceless. For some reason, I can't find anyone selling his drink anymore. I mean how can someone continue to fail at everything and still have a multiple careers?

And, now we the story behind Steven's search for the ingredients to Lightening Bolt drink. The best part of this spoof video is the ending. He rips something off a guy and proceeds to eat it. Bonus video: A guy attempts to drink Steven's drink. He has some bad aftereffects. Notice the cat nearby runs away after he drinks it. Perhaps, animals know the true evil.

~Mr. T gives out Life Lessons. Why is Mr. T always in a school area the whole time? Does he live in a school when he's not working for the A-Team. Mr. T talks about people not messing around with other people's stuff, but ask him exactly how he got all those gold chains. (People didn't give him those chains.)

~Why is Pauly Shore in this video? Don't blink or you'll miss him. Why is Shore punching him?

~The termination of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Well, most people knew this was coming. I've been looking forward to watching this show for some time, but I never had a chance.

~Speaking of canceled shows, did you know Knight Rider was canceled? Most people didn't. It was canceled on the down-low. I guess NBC was embarrassed that they had high hopes for the show. How much longer before Heroes is canceled? The new Knight Rider was bad. (Wiki has no mention of its cancellation.)


MC said...

I just think with a new Terminator movie coming out this Summer, cancelling TSCC was incredibly short sighted... and I didn't even watch it.

Semaj said...

It is short sighted, but this is the same studio that greenlit Meet Dave and though a cheaper X-Files was a good idea.

Damn that Fox

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