Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Michael J. Fox’s Pepsi ads

Michael J. Fox’s Pepsi ads

As I was doing research into Back to the Future II, I remember that someone asked Robert Zemeckis about Fox leaving the shoot of Part III to do Pepsi ads. Zemeckis wasn’t happy that his lead star left shooting for three days to do ads. I was trying to figure out which ads were done during this time, when I came across these vintage MJF ads. I actually remember these too!

Fox will do anything for a hot chick


Comment: A hot lady enters his apartment, asking for a diet Pepsi. He’s out, so he goes to great lengths to get her a can. This one was pretty funny, especially the ending. Bad 80’s music. Grade B

The Power of Suggestion


Comment: Mc Fly is in a library and finds himself thirsty. He has no change for the Pepsi machine so he creates a drink out of paper and drinks it. I’m not making this one up. I actually like this one the best. Grade B+

Robot Fox


Comment: Michael makes a robot clone of himself, messing around in Dr. Brown’s lab I guess. His girlfriend confuses the clone for the real Fox. We can only guess what happens after this… This one isn’t very good. Grade D

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Anonymous said...

The first one is an award-winning classic titled as "apartment 10G". It was the commercial of the year and quite famous. I often saw it being mentioned in the talks of all time greatest TV commercials or superbowl commercials.

Another MJF Diet Pepsi Commercial

not sure when it was made.

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