Friday, April 20, 2007

More IJ4 stuff

Indiana Jones 4 was a waste of time for Darabont.

Becca mentioned this in one of my comments, as well as MC reporting about it months ago. It was about Lucas and the rejected Frank Darabont IJ4 script. Little is known about the script other than many people seemed to be pleased with it, including Spielberg. I decided to look into it a little bit and added some links for reading for those that would like to know more about this.

Darabont might just be a bitter guy, and he's just venting, or he's completely right. Lucas has time and time again proved that he's forgotten how to write and produce good fiction.

Here's an interesting take on the whole situation


MC said...

I saw Frank Darabont a couple of days ago on an older Dinner for Five and he was talking about working with Steven Spielberg twice and he mentioned only one movie(Saving Private Ryan), and what I gathered was on the mystery movie in question(circa late 2005-early 2006), Spielberg was very involved and it was a great experience for Darabont as a screenwriter.

Was it IJ4? I couldn't say that definitively. I'm I pretty sure it was though? Yes. So I think that is a HUGE factor in this.

Semaj said...

Thanks for the info.

After the movie is released, I hope Darabont releases his version of the script.

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