Monday, March 27, 2006

Show Us Your Cans...on the street

As I was driving to school today, on 71, I noticed the cars in front of me slowing. Quickly, I put on my breaks and did the same. Suddenly, I saw hundreds of empty coke cans on the highway.

At first, I was like; ‘what the heck?’. Then, I saw a beat-up, rusted, blue pick up truck on the side of the road with its taillights blinking. Behind the truck, there was an old woman attempting to sweep a huge stack of cans with a broom. In the truck, there was a black bag full of cans. I’m guessing a second bag wasn’t properly secured and went overboard onto the highway, sending cans everywhere.

Being the evil man that I am, I sped up my car as I drove through the sea of cans bouncing around the street. Driving through it, I sent more cans scattering across the highway. Yes, it was mean, but fun at the same time.


The Lawrence Van Garrett said...

Thats horrible. You're not really boasting about doing that are you?

Semaj said...

Sometimes, I'm a bad guy. then, there are times when I'm a good guy. There's a story coming up with me being a good guy.

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