Thursday, March 16, 2006

U-Scan vs. Old peeps

Old guy: “U-can take that U-scan and shove it up U-A**.”

Old woman: “Word.”

Old guy: "This technology runs on dark magic! Or, at least Microsoft.
Semaj: “Same thing.”
U-Scan/I scan, we all scan.

Because I work at nighttime, I’m up during the day. So, I do some shopping during 8am-2pm. Usually in the grocery stores during this time, there’s nothing but old people in there. They spend a great of time in the stores, because there aren’t many young people walking around during this time.

As you know, there are regular checkout lines and then there are U-scan machines as well. Old people will not use the U-scan machines. They would rather stand in a long ass line than use ‘evil’ technology.

Today, I went to Walmart (evil), and I went to the very empty U-scan machine section. With no waiting, I got through within a minute. As I scanned my stuff, I looked right across from the machine at a long line of old people that were standing there waiting for the human checker lady to get to them. They all looked pissed. I looked behind me, and I noticed that all the U-scans were empty except for mine. None of these old people dared to use the machines; they didn’t trust them I guess.

There could be a larger study on this. (Being that some old people are set in their ways and don’t like to try something different or new.)

I wonder if they’re still in line right now…


Jeff said...

I'm with the old folks. I hate those u-scan machines, what with their condescending "please place the item in the bag" and "no, really, place your frackin' item in the bag already!" Die u-scan, die!

Semaj said...

lol, I couldnt live without them. I love geting in and out of a store really fast

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