Sunday, November 18, 2012

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~The Onion makes fun of Lost: This is very funny. Yes, the guy is in on a world of hurt. I was just letdown by the cheat that the Alt-world was heaven instead of a real world. And, the last season was jammed up with stories that some things were never paid off. We never figured out who was on that other Outrigger did we?
Full of death?  I'll have two then. 
~5-Hour Energy Drinks cause death?: Well, you better believe somehow this product will find its way of being banned by the government. Will they go after normal energy drinks too? There is a bit of personal responsibility that needs to be enforced as well. How about moderating your consumption? While I am not a Tea Party guy, we don't need the government banning everything that might cause harm. Remember the banning of booze?
~Don't stop for bus, gets a sign: Do you remember that woman that drove pass school bus on the damn sidewalk and got caught? She had to hold an idiot sign for two days for one hour. I love this. It is like the grown up version of a dunce cap.

~American Chopper canceled after ten years: Did anyone even know that the show was still on? Ten years is a very long time for a reality show.  Get to the chopper?  

~Worst Gangnam Style "flash mob": Everyone involved in this sorry mess you hold their heads down in shame. Why would you even record it? Unless, you wanted people to see how badly you can screw up a flash mob. By the way, the video has 84 likes and 1,230 dislikes. I didn't even bother adding my own dislike to the video. 

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