Friday, August 02, 2013

Bioshock Infinite: New DLC Burial at Sea

Bioshock Infinite: New DLC Burial at Sea
We get to see Rapture in its prime!  This is going to be an interesting DLC and one that fanboys wanted to see since the reveal in the last act of Bioshock Infinite, the return of Rapture. 
-December 31, 1958:  Note the date on Booker’s desk.  Things are already set in motion by 58.  Big Daddies are commissioned. And, the biggest thing to know about Rapture’s history is the start of the Rapture Civil War.  This mean this DLC is set right at the beginning of the big event told by the first two Bioshock games.  The game will be in two parts for each main character.  One for Booker and one for Elizabeth. 
-Booker’s debt:  Note the racing forms on his desk.  This version of Booker has money problems too.  Hmm…
-Woman with the baby stroller:  Is this the same woman we encounter in the first game with the gun inside the stroller? 
-Little Sisters:  They’re already messed up at this point. 
-Elizabeth:  She’s a little different, but the same. 
-This time around, Booker wants to get out of the city.  


MC said...

I looked closely at that picture... she still has the thimble little finger it seems too.

Semaj said...

Holy crap, you're right! That could mean Andrew Ryan could have been playing around in timelines too or Comstock might be in Rapture too. I didn't notice that one, good find.

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