Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Random Things

 Random Things
~I've been on edge a bit lately. I guess with school starting up soon and dealing with my shitty job it has been making me a bit edgy. I am having more bad days than good. But, I think I can get over the hump once I get back into burying my head into school work. Last semester probably produced some of my best work. I hope I can put everything into this semester too.
~The Patriot: I watched that movie recently, and I have to say it still holds up. While they make the British into really evil people, I do like seeing the side of the Revolutionary War from the Southern side. And, I don't think they sidestepped the slavery issue at all. I know that Spike Lee has to be mad about something. Mel is brutal in that movie and a total bad ass.
Fred:  "Great, The Marine showed up in my house?  I guess he wants to go 12 Rounds with me."
~Fred from that annoying Fred franchise is gay: Wow, tell me something I didn't know all ready. I guess after waning in popularity, stating something people already know about is “shocking”. Gay or straight, I hate Fred the character and can't believe this turd made a few movies.
~Dick Van Dyke sits in a burning car. People are shocked that DVD sat in car that was ablaze with flames, but that's what Van Dyke does on a regular basis. He sits in flames for dinner. The man is in his 80s, he probably though he cut the cheese. I am sure someone has already said, “Diagnosis Fire” in their gossip post.   

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