Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gas N Fuel Training video

 Gas N Fuel Training video:
This is fake, but it is funny. Wow, this is a crazy training video. These people are too happy to be working at a gas station. The worst costumer service is always at the gas station. I've never seen employees so pissed to see you enter their store.
Found this gem on reddit. It is spot on in the real training video vibe.
-Mopping is exciting: They even try to make this job seem exciting. I can tell you it is not.
-Gas N Fuel: Isn't that a little redundant?
-Why did they throw in the sliding video with the horses?
-Why is there a can of paint-thinner inside a running microwave? Who put that in there and why? I love that the training lady is perfectly okay with this knowledge.
-Nails on the floor: I am going to start doing this too.

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