Friday, August 16, 2013

Obi Wan returning in Star Wars Episode VII?

Obi Wan returning in Episode VII?
Lantino Review reported that there is strong possibility that Ewan McGregor might just come back as Obi-Wan in ghost form. Latino Review has had good scoops in the past, so this could probably be true.  I'm sure they're just into talks. 
From Latino Review, ((After all, Obi-Wan Kenobi appeared throughout the original trilogy, despite his death in ‘A New Hope’. I have confirmed this with three close sources that are on the project and they all confirmed to me that Ewan McGregor would be back as a Force Ghost in the upcoming sequel trilogy.  ))
While Ewan has bashed the prequels in the past, but it appears he has changed his tune once Disney took over the Lucas franchise. Ewan has now stated he'd come back to play Obi-Wan. If Disney doesn't comment or shoot down the rumor, there may very well be validity to this story.

Anyway, I am totally down with Ewan returning as Obi-Wan. I'd be down with a standalone movie as well. He was great in the prequel movies.   

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