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Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill

I was writing this review when Film Brain did his review, so I'll post it here. I got a kick out of it.
This Jack and Jill has nothing do with the fable story. If you want to see man in his 40s walk around in drag with unfunny jokes, this movie is for you. The movie is a mess, but not a total mess. With a 3% on Rotten Tomatoes, Jack and Jill is that kid in elementary school that smelled bad and everyone hated him.
Well, it isn't the worst Adam Sandler movie, but that isn't saying much. Jack and Jill are both played by Adam Sandler, so that means one of his characters has to put on an annoying and loud voice. In this case, it is Sandler's Jill character.
Jill is loud and stupid. Sandler tries his best to make sure you hate Jill, but then tries to make you feel sorry for her. She goes out of her way to annoy you, but then cries when people confront her about it. She gets upset with her brother over some of the dumbest things and runs out into woods to hide. What the hell? She also has a difficult time finding a date, so they shoehorn in lame romantic storyline with the Mexican gardener.
Jack, on the hand, is a successful ad guy with a lot of famous actors doing ads for him. And, this is where all the famous people make their cameo appearances. We get really shitty appearances from lame celebrities like Vince Shamwow Offer and Jared Fogle. And, you get the box office poison that is Shaq. These are really bad cameos and clearly Sandler calling all his friends to show up. Most of the cameos don't bring anything funny to plot, namely Shaq and Jared. So, why are there in here? I guess to fulfill Sandler's ego. Look for a better cameo by Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street.
Speaking of Sandler ego, this movie also just fits into the Sandler formula of plot conventions that he puts into all his movies. Every resolution happens in a crowded room and someone makes an ass of themselves in the process. Here we get to see Al Pacino dressed up and David Spade dressed in full female drag with latex boobs. Why was David also subjected to playing a woman too? What was the point? Hell, what was the point of the entire movie?
Speaking of Al Pacino, he's in this movie a lot playing himself. And, some of the funnier moments are with Sandler and Pacino. There aren't that many moments that are funny though. He's kind of like the villain in the movie, but not really. And, there really isn't a true villain. Anyway, Pacino isn't bad, but he's just doing his Devil's Advocate character for the most part.
~Katie Holmes: She is completely useless. I know that her career was dead, but did they have to throw her a bone.
~Nick Swardson: Once again Nick shows up in his friend's movie and once again he's not funny either. He plays a douche bag underling of Sandler's character.
This movie isn't as raunchy or terrible as That's My Boy, but it isn't good either. Actually, the movie comes across as being more lazy and annoying than terrible. Don't get me wrong, Sandler's Jill character is embarrassingly crappy, but the lame script is what really hurts the movie. Everything is string together with a weak overall plot.
Grade: D+

 Adam:  "Let me get this straight, there's this dude named Xenu that rules over the galaxy?  And you want me to join your religion? 

 Well, we know they aren't watching That's My Boy.  
It is certainly not Depp's worst role.  

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