Monday, February 17, 2014

Buck 22 - Achy Breaky 2 ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

Buck 22 - Achy Breaky 2 ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

Did anyone ask for a hip-hop remix to a country song most people have forgotten?  This song is really terrible.  Somehow Billy Ray has turned his shitty song into a shittier song, and I didn’t think that was possible.  While his daughter has become more and more ratchet, he’s reliving his better days with a silly hip-hop version of his song.  Does the apple fall far from the tree or does the tree fall far from the apple?  
With crappy music and rap lyrics, it just comes across as another cheap attempt to stay popular.  I am just confused with the fact that this even came out this year when it feels like something from the 90s or 2002.  There is nothing redeeming about the song. 
It seems like he and his daughter on a mission to completely destroy music, as we know it.  They’re tag teaming in a ring beating the shit out of good music. 
I really hate this song. 
 Right now, the video has only reached 13,525 likes and 38,762 dislikes.
Grade: F+
~First off: Why did they dig up Larry King and put him in the front of this video?  Are kids really asking for Larry King cameos?  Was this a favor on King’s part?  Does he realize what kind of video he is getting into? 
His head is getting bigger and his body smaller. 
~Half Naked Alien Babes that twerk:  Okay, I’m down with that.  Were their suits painted on?  It seems that way. 
~What is up with that high-pitched noise being played during the song?  Is that musical?  it sounds like a kid playing around the pitch and someone forgetting to remove it from final track.  
~Buck 22:  I have no idea what or who the hell this is. 
~Where is the connection between his Achy Breaky Heart and aliens?

~He mentions “Wreaking Ball”:  Uh, the video where your daughter is naked and having sex with a wreaking-ball?  Smooth, Billy. 
 Someone give this man a time machine so he can go back to his own era where he was still popular. 
 They dug him up and brought him back to life with a voodoo curse. 
Sexy space strippers, the only thing worth seeing in the video.  Now, you don't have to watch the video.  Enjoy. 

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