Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Random Things

Random Things
~This whole “incident” is troubling to me because it is a small studio that's shut down major websites from even mentioning the story. Not even Prince or the Space Church are able to pull the feat these guys have pulled off. They've even deleted the post in the IMDB page mentioning a boycott. I won't be releasing the post I wrote about the story at all because I know they will come down on me. I will just say this; Just come clean and apologize about the incident. That goes a long way more than threatening lawsuits.
~The Makers of the Bioshock franchise is calling it quits: Irrational Games, the ones behind Bioshock, are hanging up their company and leaving the series with 2K. I am truly shocked about this considering that Bioshock was a huge seller and praised by critics. The Bioshock games have an amazing story, but it is troubling seeing this great developer leave behind the Bioshock series. Basically, the head guy is reducing the studio to a smaller group and going for digital downloads. What does this mean for Bioshock? I am not sure. 

~Lil Kim is pregnant? I am really happy for you, but damn. She has completely ruined her looks with the facelifts and re-pumped lips. She figuratively looks like a cat person. She's more machine than woman (Star Wars reference). She's found someone to not only be with her, but to knock her up. So, who is the lucky (unlucky) man? Mr. Papers. Yes, the father is named Mr. Papers. It sounds like a money folding machine than another name for money. Mr. Papers is represents everything that I find bad about the black community. Fat gold chains, check . Sideways hat, check. Angry (I need to take a poop) expression, check. I am sure the kid will turn out...lovely. I know it looks like I am attacking Lil Kim, but it is part of a bigger problem in the black community. Why are we dating and having kids with ratchet women/men? How about someone that has a college degree?  
BTW, Mr. Papers has to be one of the lamest names for a rapper.


MC said...

Here is the shitty thing about the Irrational Games thing... it is putting about 100 people out of a job. He made a decision and basically screwed those people over (including some people who got screwed over when 38 Studios went bust too).

Semaj said...

So, this 38 Studio is the same one that has videos discussing its shutdown. And, it screwed over a lot of people.

I remember there being discussion about the CEO and the game that came out. There were issues with loans and things. And, there are still news items just one week ago coming up on Google.


Yea, this is bad news all around. I kind of liked that there was a big company out there that care about story and concept over throwing out another modern shooter. And, it seem IG folks cared too. A real shame.

MC said...

Leigh Alexander wrote an interesting piece about what happened to Irrational games.


It sounds almost like what happened to a bunch of movie studios in the late 70's-early 80's when they let the auteurs run off with a bunch of money to make huge personal pictures that flopped at the box office and took the studio down with them.

Semaj said...

That was a good read. And she noted that the DLC wasn't leftover material that was changed over the long haul. I always felt the DLC stuff was for the fanboys with certain "Big" characters fighting each other.

The game really went through a lot of changes, way more than Bio 1, and the early demos show that.

Yeah, from the story, it looked like the many changes buried the game studio with production cost.

I'd still like to see some of those earlier versions of the game show up in DLC, but that's not going to happen.

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