Thursday, February 20, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer
Okay, I am sold, Marvel. I actually laughed a lot during the trailer. And, I love the fact they make fun of the whole notion the “Guardians of the Galaxy” stuff. And, they note the corny-ness of the name. Who names themselves Star Lord? 
The film is basedon the 2008 team and not the one from the 60s. The one from the 60's is set in a different universe than the main Marvel universe.
I love that I am looking forward to this movie 100 times more than Transformers 4, and that movie has Dinobots in it.
Star-Lord : He appears human and acts like a Bro-Guy. I think this works. From what I can gather he isn't this brash in the comic books, but I could be wrong. I love the middle finger bit a lot.
Rocket Raccoon : This is the one that everyone wasn't sure about with myself included. However, I'm sold on the concept and CGI design. He's a badass talking raccoon. I get it. I'm looking forward to seeing this guy fight.
Gamora : At first, I thought this was Rihanna due to the makeup Zoe Saldana wears in the trailer. I mean she really does look like a green Rih. So, Saldana has three sci-fi franchises she stars in. This lady is busy.
Drax the Destroyer: He seems the most boring out of the bunch. But I could be wrong.
Groot : This guy has an interesting background and history. In the main Marvel verse, he was a bad guy first and became a good guy. They're not going for that history, which is fine. However, I am betting some of his super powers will be used in the he really can't die as long as there is a piece of himself left.
Is the mainstream crowd willing to sit down and watch this movie? I am not sure. It will rely on marketing. 
 See what I mean?  She kind of looks like Rih here.  We all know how bad of an actress Rih is.  Just watch Battleship. 
 Does the middle finger mean hello and goodwill in other cultures? 

 I love this shot because it sums up everything about the characters. 


MC said...

Andre The Black Nerd made an interesting video about this as someone who hadn't read the comic:

Part of his basic premise is that if Marvel succeeds with GotG, then they can basically make a movie about any superhero they want after that.

Semaj said...

squirrel girl
he mentioned squirrel girl! I was going to mention that character in my post too.

He's right and hopefully this will also kick WB in the butt and try to actually go their other franchises properly.

This is going to have to be promoted in different ways than their other movie projects that's for sure. But, the payoff can be great.

MC said...

I imagine them buying commercials during Parks and Rec episodes for one.

Semaj said...

And probably some sporting events for the uninformed

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