Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Godzilla Trailer 2

Godzilla Trailer 2
Well, this trailer was even better than the first trailer. It does answer a few questions.
-In the 50s, the US and probably other countries attempted to kill off Godzilla under the guise of testing nukes.  It would only be fitting that he's going to save the planet. 
-We get to hear Godzilla's modified roar.
-Hints of other monsters?: there are a lot hints that there are going to be more monsters in the movie. I am still thinking Godzilla is going to be our anti-hero.
-There is an impressive shot of a crashed plane on a highway. Is this the work of Godzilla or another monster?
-Everyone F's with the Statue of Liberty: How many movies have either destroyed or damaged the statue. The old lady takes more beatings than any other landmark.
-Something with wings, robotic or living, falls into the water at the 1:32 mark.
-Look at the dropping jet fighters. One of them has a guy eject and open a parachute. That's a nice touch.
Reddit has been posting stills of the trailer and it does look like Rodan might be in the movie or a lookalike. The marketing is trying its best to present this movie as the US going against just Godzilla, but it looks like there are a lot of monsters popping up and causing problems. Godzilla is the clean up crew.

To me, it looks like an alien invasion. What about that strange leg crashing down on the army. That's isn't Godzilla's leg.  

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