Saturday, February 22, 2014

Jerry Goldsmith's Alien Theme

Jerry Goldsmith's Alien Theme
Words can't express how much I LOVE this theme. Goldsmith felt space should have a grand/romantic feel to it like in the same manner as Williams' score to Star Wars. The director and producers did screw around with Goldsmith original intentions. They added some classical music and some of Goldsmith's older stuff into the film version. I think Goldsmith wanted a more structured score than an Atmospheric score, you can clearly hear themes being introduced here.
I am almost certain the (Dark) swell 1:19 was some his early attempts at giving the Alien a central theme.
Scott wanted a darker tone, while Goldsmith wanted to make it lighter in certain places. Scott and Goldsmith went for a mixture.
Here's the more horror version of the main titles.

Prometheus brought this theme back during the scene where the old man shows his hologram. I remember smiling in the theater when I heard the theme.
Goldsmith's chilling horn flare would show up at the end of Prometheus as well. You all know what that sound means.
Also here's the opening score to Aliens. Note the military drums and the Goldsmith background sounds. Jame Horner would later have a similar style to Goldsmith's in Aliens. It was a fitting tribute.

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