Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Woman shoots up McDonald's Drive Thru

This woman wanted a burger with bacon, but McDonald's screwed up the order like usual. She called the place and demanded a re-order. She came back to the same store and reordered her bacon burger and it didn't come with bacon again. She did what any sane person would do...not.
From The Huffington Post, ((When she discovered the order was incorrect again, Torres allegedly verbally confronted the employee and exited her vehicle. She's accused of shooting one pistol round into the drive-thru window. ))
Now, another report claimed that she stayed in her car and fired her gun right across the driver's side into the store, thus hurting her friend's ears. Shooting up a place because they screwed up an order is bit of an overreaction in my book. Okay, they screwed up on two orders in a row. 
 However, now you're facing jail time. By the way, I love that expression. It is kind of a half smile/frown. 
Did she think bullets were a form of currency?
Why does this come to mind when I hear this story?

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